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Priorities / objectives

Green space and horticultural activity

We aim to make a positive contribution to the lives of local people by continuing to promote Appletree Garden as a space for horticultural activity. Some of our key priorities for this project are improving mental health, promoting healthier eating, learning how to grow produce and educating people in sustainable environmental approaches to horticulture. We also aim to make a positive contribution to sustainable development and climate change.

Arts and art therapy to improve mental wellbeing and reduce social isolation

Spectrum People will harness the power of the creative arts in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of residents in the Wakefield district who find themselves locally excluded or vulnerable. We will achieve this through:

  • Facilitating and working in partnership with local arts groups and institutions eg The Art House, Hepworth Gallery, Backstage Academy
  • Poetry reading, spoken word – in public and online via Facebook
  • Holding community arts sessions at Appletree Garden
  • Connecting people through art and poetry at key events eg Art Walk
  • Developing specific targeted initiatives eg Maternal Journal
  • Supporting art therapists and creatives in training and in post-graduate employment working

Social Media

Spectrum People will develop a sustainable social media platform capable of supporting individuals who find themselves socially excluded or vulnerable as a result of their mental health challenges and life experiences.

Social prescribing development

We aim to make a positive contribution to social prescribing developments and delivery with the Wakefield district. We will do this by identifying key communities and creative assets that the charity provides or has access to such as; art and art therapy, music therapy, creative writing and poetry groups, book reading clubs, befriending, craft sessions. We will also target key initiatives and projects where the social prescribing model is most needed and has greatest impact.

Community Regeneration and Economic Renewal

We will play a key role in supporting community regeneration and economic renewal in the most deprived areas of Wakefield district. Community regeneration and economic renewal are vital in terms of creating the necessary conditions that reduce social inclusion and in supporting health and wellbeing. We will do this by playing a key role in the key areas of policy development eg social prescribing, horticultural and green space initiatives.

Influencing policy

To be a positive voice for improvement in the lives of those more challenged by their lived experience and mental health, seeking to highlight areas of inequality and provide evidence for policy change.

Creating volunteering opportunities

We aim to create volunteering opportunities for people who want to add value to the charity’s offer. In particular, to target volunteering who can use this as a stepping stone to full employment or as means of achieving a better quality of life. We will do this through providing volunteering/placement opportunities in all areas of activity including: administration support, working at Appletree Garden, supporting events and workshops, supporting arts based activities.

Developing an evidence base

We will establish an evidence base for all of the charity’s activities and work. This will seek to be both qualitative and quantitative and draw on best practice, both in terms of academic rigour and recognised approaches within the charitable, mental health and public sectors. We are doing this to understand how, why, when, where, what and by whom activities are undertaken and to understand the impact this is making in terms of underpinning the lives of beneficiaries and the communities they live in.

Financial viability and sustainability

To maintain and develop a viable and sustainable financial position for the charity.