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Spectrum People Launches a New Fundraising Campaign

Spectrum People has kick-started a week-long “Arts for Impact” fundraising campaign through the Big Give to enhance mental health and wellbeing in the community.

All donations are doubled by the Big Give, so your £10 donation becomes £20; £50 becomes £100 etc.


New fundraising campaign through the Big Give Matched Funding

1 week to raise £2,500 which is doubled by the Big Give to £5,000


Here’s a quick look at what donations contribute to:

  • Extending arts-based activities by adding art therapy days and creating a crafting and immersive space in a medical practice in Airedale, an area of significant health inequality.
  • Key Actions:
    • Development of a craft room and immersive corridor to welcome individuals into a safe, warm environment.
    • Increase in capacity through additional specialist art therapy days.
    • Introduction of Tea & Toast events to encourage engagement in the community space.
    • Creation of volunteering and peer support opportunities.
  • Impact: The campaign addresses the increasing number of individuals with severe mental health issues locally, offering a lifeline to those socially isolated or in crisis. Participants range from ages 7 to 92, highlighting the widespread need for support.

How Can You Help?

Supporting Spectrum People’s fundraising campaign means contributing to a more robust, healthier, and creatively enriched community. Your donation can help transform lives by providing essential mental health support and fostering a sense of belonging and resilience.

To contribute or learn more, visit the Spectrum People campaign page. Your support can make a real difference in someone’s life.



10 Year Anniversary "Scrapbook" Published Online

We’ve produced our very own digital scrapbook showcasing the highlights of the last 10 years.  It’s a fun, interactive publication complete with amazing, colourful illustrations and links to even more videos and related content.  Flip through the pages right here or for the best experience, choose full-screen mode (bottom right-hand corner) and zoom in if you really want to see the fabulous details in this digital creation.


Huddersfield University

Spectrum People are featured in a comprehensive report from the University of Huddersfield:  “Creative Health in Communities: Supporting People to Live Well in West Yorkshire“.

The research took place over 9 months, with 69 creative and cultural organisations reaching various people and communities with lived experience, looking at how creative health can help with health inequalities across Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds and Wakefield (pages 22-23).

UKCRF - A Better Future Post Covid: Empowering Communities in the Wakefield District

Spectrum People partnered with Wakefield Authority and Huddersfield University using UKCRF funding.

All in the Mind

Spectrum People won BBC Radio 4’s All in the Mind mental health group award in June 2021. There were more than 1100 entries for the All in the Mind awards.

The entire team are proud as is Dawn Bland, one of our beneficiaries. She nominated us for this award. Massive thank you to Dawn for nominating us.

We produce a monthly update, sharing project updates, news and/or events.

Every edition from 2015 onwards is available and will be added on our Google Drive.

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Media that Spectrum People produced / co-produces

Reflections perform at Festival of the Moon

Reflections perform ‘she’s so serene’ at Festival of the moon; 15 Oct 2019.

Watch on YouTube


VCSE Wakefield – Social Prescribing

This discusses the impact that social prescribing has on the community; 7 Jan 2020

Watch on YouTube


Art therapy – Safer Communities Fund

Leanne Warren talks about the benefits of art therapy and successfully gaining funding from the Police and Crime Commissioner Safer Communities Fund; 10 Sep 2020

Watch on YouTube


A Spectrum of Angels

Tina Dransfield talks about a project funded by Creative Minds, which was designed to bring the community together during lockdowns in 2020; 10 Sep 2020

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Facts, Fears and Fiction

Young people in Agbrigg spread a message to the community to encourage people to have COVID vaccines. This was co-produced with Co-Active Arts; 22 June 21

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10th Year E-publication.

A digital booklet showing Spectrum Peoples 10 year journey, answering the question “what does Spectrum People do?”

Read it Here


For more of our videos, click here

Media that other people made that we were involved in

Introduction to Appletree Community Garden

Appletree Co-ordinator, Matt Gordon, introduces the garden and tells us about how people who visit, volunteer or work benefit from Appletree Community Garden; 20 Sep 18

Watch on YouTube


Expert Link – Wake Up Wakefield

Wakefield VCS organisations took part in “Being the Difference” training. It is an emotional plea for better and more joined up mental health support within Wakefield. Some subjects discussed in the video may be triggering; 20 Nov 2018

Watch on YouTube


Together and Apart Exhibition

Shows the impact of art therapy and Appletree Community Garden (green space); 2 June 21

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Appletree Community Garden

Portrait of Spectrum People; 2 June 21

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Dawn Bland Q & A

A Q & A with one of our beneficiaries, Dawn Bland, for the September Artwalk; 29 Sept 21

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Green social prescribing, Appletree and arts therapy support 

Excerpts from BBC Radio 4 All in the Mind recording in 2021. Art, Gardening and Wellbeing during Covid.  broadcast on BBC World Service 12 Sept 21 
Listen Here


Diversity Event at Appletree Community Garden

Celebrating diversity in the Agbrigg area. People in the community are talking about how Appletree Community Garden supports and help them. 1 Dec 22 

Watch On Youtube