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Social Prescribing

Social prescribing offers practical and emotional support. It helps people connect with activities and groups that improve health and wellbeing.

Many things that affect our health can’t be treated by doctors or medicine alone.  Like loneliness, debt, or anxiety caused by financial pressures, poor housing or living with the effects of long term physical conditions.

Social prescribing helps people live the best lives they can.

•  It helps people feel heard, valued, and understood

•  It creates thriving communities

•  It can support people who are most at risk of poor health

•  And it helps people get the most relevant and effective support available

For some people, social prescribing provides an alternative to medication. For others it works alongside it. Either way, it can help tackle the root cause of many health and wellbeing issues.

Social prescribing is central to the work of Spectrum People. We provide opportunities for people to benefit from green space, art therapy and community activities that help them live the best lives they can.

For more information, please download our leaflet.